A big thanks to all our fundraisers!

About Us

Who We Are


Meet Reese, Quinn, and their little sister Claire. These preschoolers want to help. Specifically, they want to help all of the little kids who are in the hospital, still fighting leukemia. How can they make a difference? Selling LEMONADE, of course. And they will, with gusto. Because all three of these little girls have seen firsthand the trauma of pediatric cancer and bone marrow transplant.

Our Goal



Week 1: We are 75% of the way there!!

Week 2: WE did it! We reached our goal at $20,007!

Week 3: Lemonade stands are continuing to go up, hosted by families who are going the extra mile to help our cause! Our biggest contributions this week have come from AUSTRALIA!

How We Work


All of the proceeds from the LEMONADE 4 LEUKEMIA lemonade stands and money raised HERE online, will directly go to fund groundbreaking leukemia research. Research that is very personal to my family. 

Media coverage

NBC Coverage of Lemonade 4 Leukemia

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade