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Who We Are

Meet Reese and her identical twin sister, Quinn. Two years ago they were happy, healthy 3-year-old girls. Their biggest problems were that no one could tell them apart, and they couldn't decide which they preferred... ballet or gymnastics. This all changed when Reese was diagnosed with an aggressive form of childhood leukemia, called JMML. She "drew the wrong straw", a spontaneous mutation that could happen to anyone. And it happened to her. The only cure for this cancer was a dangerous bone marrow transplant, and the place to go was UCSF, The University of California San Francisco. Reese and her family lived in Illinois, so they moved to San Francisco in April of 2018, and remained there for almost a year. A bone marrow transplant has been described as one of the most painful things a human can survive. And survive, she did. This brave girl had her transplant on May 2, 2018, and fought through transplant related complication after complication. She remained in the isolation unit in the hospital for 8 months straight, with her twin sister Quinn at her side all the while. She was finally released to a Family House on campus on December 20, 2018. She stayed there for treatment until March 21, 2019, when she was released to go back to Illinois, and her family returned home with her. Now that Reese is home, in remission, and getting stronger everyday, she is thinking about how SHE can give back and her loyal sister is still right by her side. Their brainstorming got us here. 

Lemonade 4 Leukemia.


Our Goals

The  world of bone marrow transplant is always evolving and improving.  Research at UCSF has been making incredible strides, even since Reese's  diagnosis in December of '17. These groundbreaking studies are changing  the course of leukemia for future children who will battle this same  disease, and improving transplant and outcomes. Reese has personally  been a part of TWO studies with EXCEPTIONAL results. The doctors I am  referring to are Elliot Stieglitz, Mignon Loh, and Chris Dvorak. These  are the doctors who saved Reese's life, with their innovative thinking  and cutting-edge research. 

We  are so proud to say that all proceeds from our fundraising go directly to a very important study happening NOW. I contacted Elliot and asked him directly, how would our money have the greatest and most  direct impact? He pointed to THIS study. Our doctors have discovered that perhaps not all children who are diagnosed with JMML need a transplant to survive. A chemotherapy pill may prove to be enough for up to 20% of the children who have been diagnosed. This is HUGE! Up until now, the ONLY cure for JMML is transplant (with a 50% success rate.) Avoiding transplant means saving children and families months of battle AND the high transplant related mortality rates. The trick, figuring out who can avoid transplant and still have a chance at recovery. Doctors are using DNA methylation to accurately determine  what children need to go to transplant. That's right, they are hoping to cure some of these kids from leukemia without enduring the horrors of  transplant!! Our doctors have proven this at a research level, and now they need to bring it to clinic. This takes A LOT of repeat testing and sequencing, and this takes a lot of money. This is where WE come in! Our goal is $20,000. This is our chance to make a difference, and it's right here, every dollar will help us get there!



"I would do anything for Dr. Chris."

Since Reese was discharged from the hospital, she talks a lot about the children who are still fighting battles. Incredibly huge battles. Little heroes who are suffering from the same course that she did. Every time Reese gets her hand on any money... a quarter off the pavement... she asks me to send it to Dr. Chris. She is referring to Chris Dvorak, the doctor who saved her life. She wants her money to go to him so that he can save another life. And another. Reese's battle isn't over, the repercussions of transplant will stay with my little fighter, and she will take on each battle with the same ferociousness that has helped her prevail, over and over. It is clear if you look at my identical twins today, Reese has fought for her life and she is a warrior. Now she is going to help others who find themselves in the same situation... and keep some of them out of transplant. Will you help her? 

Help us support this 501c3 (EIN 94-1657474). Instead of donating to a foundation, this is an opportunity to see exactly where your money is going. To a targeted study that will help save the lives of little kids.


"Mommy, does God help the doctors who make the medicines?"

At the exact moment Reese's transplant was completed, a rainbow moved across her body.  She knew He was with her, she was never alone. This was a big moment in Reese's recovery, the life saving cells were in, her future was turning a corner. But long before this, Reese knew God and the power of rainbows.

Reese's incredible faith helped to carry her through this insurmountable journey. It is this same faith that we call upon as Reese and our family do our best to help the next in line. By the grace of God, and the miracle of medicine, my sweet girl is healed, and she is here because she is meant to be here, I know she will do great things. Reese is giving back and leading the charge with her sisters, the best way they can. Making lemonade out of lemons.



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